Baby Steps- Introduction to Narrative Garment Assemblage- August 31, Saturday 11am-5pm

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Because what we wear, now and throughout our lives, is so personal, garments are the perfect foil for mixed media assemblage art. We will use the adorable and compact "baby shoes" as a introduction to the ever expansive concept of the narritive garment.

You'll comb through other evocative materials to tell your story about childhood, potential, or beginnings... or any other story or feeling your pair of shoes brings up for you.

Decoupage, assemblage, textile arts, mixed media supplies will all be available for your exploration, but students are encouraged to bring what ever items, tools they have that inspire them to make a personal statement with a pair of the baby shoes provided.

Saturday, August 31 11am - 5pm

Instructor: Bethany Mann - student limit: 10

$ 120 class fee - includes all materials