Intro to Folx Herbalism- Saturday, December 7th 11 AM-5PM

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Learn the basics of creating your in-home apothecary; comprehensive dialogue about plant actions/human tissue states— vital knowledge to effectively formulate herbal recipes, on your own.

Make and take home herbal medicine—such as herbal tea, tinctures and salves.  By the end of class you will have the tools to blend an herbal tea and prepare it for medicinal drinking, make a few different kinds of tinctures (herbal medicine) and create a potent healing salve.  

Focused on local plants, things you can grow yourself, and are commonly found in the kitchen already.  This class is experiential, come prepared to learn hands-on medicine making.  All these skills learned in this class will offer you the-know-how to create gifts and good health for you, your family and friends a lifetime over.

Tatiana Almendral is  a seasoned and practicing community herbalist.


Intro to Folx Herbalism-

Saturday, December 7th, 11AM-5PM

Instructor: Tatiana Almendral- student limit: 13

$222 class fee- includes all materials