Sasha and Tawny Swan- November 20, 11am- 5pm

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Class is held at 2518 San Pablo Ave.

 A baby swan is called a cygnet and will often climb on Mama’s back while out for a swim. In this all day class you will learn the art of needle felting, sculpting roving wool over a cotton wire armature. Lovely white curly locks will bring a special touch to the tail feathers. Embellishments  of your choosing, perhaps even a crown can be added to mama swan.  The finishing touch will be glass eyes to bring them to life. This sweet pair would look lovely nestled in the branch of a christmas tree!

This class has a two week cancellation policy. Refunds will be issued if student gives ETUI two weeks notice before class date. After 2 weeks, we will only issue a refund if the seat is filled. Thank you.