The Dynamic Sky in your Watercolor Nature Journal- December 14, 11am- 5pm

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The Dynamic Sky in your Watercolor Nature Journal


The every changing sky affects deeply affects the mood of the day. We feel it internally, and we witness it visually. You will learn techniques to render clear blue skies, billowing cumulus clouds, wispy cirrus clouds, dark and ominous stratus clouds and colorful sunsets. You will be given Kristin’s simple palette with eight pigments that you’ll learn to mix into a full range of beautiful and harmonious colors. You’ll also be provided a journal, a water brush and other tools to take home.


Saturday, December 14, 11am -5pm

Instructor: Kristin Meuser - student limit: 12

$145 class fee - includes all materials*

Kristin's specific Journal and Kit are required and included in your $145 fee HOWEVER:

*IF you are a returning student and you choose to bring back your materials kit, you may use coupon code NOKIT at check out and save $25... however you must bring back your kit, in it's entirety as no new materials will be provided without purchase.*

This class has a two week cancellation policy. Refunds will be issued if student gives ETUI two weeks notice, that they will be unable to attend before class date. After 2 weeks, we will only issue a refund if the seat is filled. Thank you.