Watercolor Journaling: Mountains, Hills and Cliffs- August 24, Saturday, 11am-5pm

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Class is held at 2518 San Pablo Ave.

Watercolor Journaling - Mountains, Hills, Cliffs

We are drawn to the shapes that rise up from the surface of the earth in the form of mountains, hills and cliffs. In this workshop you will learn to recreate the majestic rise of mountains, the soft, rolling texture of hills, and the jagged, precarious nature of cliffs which form the pathway of water - all using Kristin’s hands-on teaching aids.

You will begin by exploring the colors in your palette, as you bring the subtle colors and powerful shapes to life. Kristin will provide step-by-step guidance in how to recreate each of these landscape elements in your journal. You will be given Kristin’s simple kit with eight pigments in your take home palette, which transform into a full range of harmonious colors, as well as a journal, and water brush.

Saturday, August 24, 11am-5pm
Instructor: Kristin Meuser - student limit: 16 $145 class fee - includes all materials