Wax and Wool- Moth Spirit Doll- September 21st, 11am-5pm

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Class is held at 2518 San Pablo Ave.

Using cast beeswax, sheep's wool and collected scraps, we will make an ethereal moth spirit doll using several crafting tecniques. We will use needle felting, and wax to make the human like parts of the creature. To complete the project, we use felting, hand stitching (including a bit of simple embroidery), and stenciling to finish off her costume.

In spirit animal folklore, Moths represent three main concepts: mystery, darkness/light, and transformation. In many folklores moths are the symbols of humilty and truth. Night pollinators that do the work for the night blooming plants they are important and do work that others are unavailable to do. White moths can symbolize ancestors, but all moths remind us to look to the light and embrace change. 

Saturday, September 21, 11am-5pm

Instructor: Bethany Carlson Mann

$135 class fee - includes all materials*